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Franchise Show

Reel Property Management Booth

Our savvy sales representatives assisted Real Property Management with gaining leads & dealing with guests that came into their booth at the Franchise Show in Mississauga, Ontario.

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show


In early October 2013, a half dozen of our models graced the DMG booth  for 4 days at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show in Mississauga, Ontario . The ladies were dressed to impress in beautiful black corporate dresses, generating leads for the booth, assisted guests with questions & drove traffic into their booth. [gallery ids="1252,1254,1256"]

Jasper & Jasper CANADA

Jasper & Jasper CANADA

Every year, our girls join the Jasper & Jasper CANADA booth at various conventions across Canada. Our fluent brand ambassadors,  demonstrate & promote E-vaporisers which are an electronic nicotine free cigarette. Always the busiest booth at each show, this client knows exactly what to do to keep traffic within their space all day long and we are happy to be a part of their success. "We...

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