Osler Bluff Mens Day

Osler Bluff Mens Day

Osler Bluff Mens Day 2014

LandmarX not only staffed 25 classy russian sochi models for this particular event, we were also responsible for the marketing, wardrobe and full itinerary of the day. From the opening to the closing ceremonies, our lovely models/hostesses assisted outside races, inside games and skii’d with guests to create the ultimate Mens day experience. From body painted ballerina performances to MC’s hosting the entire day, LandmarX was responsible to run all aspects at the Osler Bluff Ski club mens day.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle and her staff at LandmarX Staffing in creating a spectacular environment for an event with 600 guests. Michelle and her team were exceptionally professional and proved that it is all about the ‘experience’ of your guests who leave wanting more. I look forward to working with LandmarX for many more events in the future. A job well done.” 

– Fraser Chapman/Coordinator at Osler Bluff Ski Club

Russian Sochi Body Painted Ballerinas



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