Holt Renfrew – Chinese New Year Celebration

Holt Renfrew- Chinese New Year

Our fabulous LandmarX models live at Holt Renfrew on Bloor celebrating the Chinese New year.  [gallery ids="1179,1180,1181"]

Apline Ski Mens Day

On Friday January 24th 2014, our lovely LandmarX models headed down to Collingwood Ontario to host Alpine Ski Mens Day. With over 500 guests, our models greeted, assisted in games,  sold raffle tickets and hyped up the overall energy of the venue. "We are happy to have found LandmarX. The girls were energetic and helped raise alot in 50/50 ticket sales. They definitely added to the success o...

Holt Renfrew- Live Models

Holt Renfrew

Come check out our LandmarX models live at Holt Renfrew on bloor every week!  Always dressed up in a fabulous outfits courtesy of Holt Renfrew, our models help greet and interact with guests,  leaving them with a memorable experience each visit in this exquisite store.  Whether sampling a product, handing out goodies or simply engaging in a memorable interaction with one of our models, Holts k...

Colliers Football Event

Colliers Corporate Event

Check out our energetic cheerleaders  as they pumped the Colliers Christmas Party Football game on. The girls were responsible to take photos with guests, host & keep the energy up at the corporate function. With both beauty & smarts, our stunning LandmarX girls always know how to leave a great impression! nct

Minskaya Vodka

Minskaya Vodka

Our beautiful model Sara sampled Minskaya Vodka at various private launches in Toronto. This is a new vodka brand made of the finest grains and purist water which  targets a very high end clientele.  

BMW Launch

BMW Launch

Our classy LandmarX models assisted in highlighting some of the amazing vehicles that BMW had on display at their launch in Toronto 2014.

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show


In early October 2013, a half dozen of our models graced the DMG booth  for 4 days at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show in Mississauga, Ontario . The ladies were dressed to impress in beautiful black corporate dresses, generating leads for the booth, assisted guests with questions & drove traffic into their booth. [gallery ids="1252,1254,1256"]

Tropical Delight Sampling


Check out our brand ambassadors sampling Tropical Delight across the GTA for 12 weeks. Our beautiful ladies were responsible for setting up their stations and sampling various flavours within different markets. Their smiles and enthusiasm helped not only sell more product but left a memorable interaction with guests throughout each location. [gallery columns="2" ids="1322,1324,1321,1325"]

Holt Renfrew- Echo Scarves

Echo Scarves Event

Our gorgeous models running live at Holt Renfrew Bloor promoting and assisting with the Echo Scarves Event. We'd like to highlight our lovely actress Brittany Adams, also famously known as Jane Casey on the TV series Wingin' it airing on the Family channel.

Porsche Grand Opening


In September 2013, our models worked a very exclusive event at the grand opening of Porsche in Oakville, Ontario.  Our ladies were responsible for greeting customers, serving champaign, cutting the ribbons and directing guests which catered to a high profile clientele. [gallery ids="1333,1334,1335,1336,1337,1338,1339,1340,1341,1342,1343,1332"]

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